3 Pointers to Buying Beach Canopies

Surf, sand and sun. Palm trees and mai tais topped with fancy little umbrellas. Swimming all day or playing in the sand. There’s no better way to enjoy a bit of fun and excitement, a quick break from the harried and hurried pace of your life, than to go to the beach. However, before you and the rest of the gang climb into the car and drive off, here’s what you need to know about choosing the best beach canopy for your trip:

Get enough shade

Whether you’re going to a beach wedding or simply soaking in the local sights for some relaxing fun, getting the proper shade is important. The Huffington Post suggests getting shade with enough coverage. So if you want to a family lunch at the beach, you might have to bring along a bigger shade. Invest in an excellent one. With so many beach canopies to choose from out there, you’ll find the perfect one to bring along on your trips with family and friends.

Choose easy set up

There are canopies that come with instructions or parts so complex they might as well take you a million years to set up. So do your research and find out which brands offer you the easiest set up possible. The faster you can set it all up, the better. Simple instructions, after all, work on people the best

Pick out a frame

There are all sorts of frames you can choose from. Want something lightweight? Opt for aluminum. Its light and portable, making it ideally suited for your trips. Also, aluminums produce aluminum oxide when they rust, which keeps the frame from deteriorating any further. Choose it over steel since steel rusts. And even if you go for treated steel, it’s still not lightweight enough to be a better portable option than an aluminum frame for your canopy.

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