3 Great Ideas for Creating 3D Crystal Gifts

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Trophies

One of the newest and most unique gift items on today’s market are 3D crystal gifts. Through crystal keepsakes have been around for years, the newest design techniques allow you to create completely one of a kind designs for your gifts. Each gift you create can be designed exclusively for you, so you can get creative about your gifts and awards. Here are three ideas for creating crystal gifts.

1. Encase a keepsake image. Designers can create images of your personal keepsakes and suspend these in crystal. For an anniversary gift, consider showcasing wedding bands, your wedding date or a flower like one from the bride’s bouquet. For corporate awards, consider suspending your logo or specialty product image in crystal.

2. Put your artwork in crystal. Whether it’s a child’s drawing or a company’s latest advertising campaign, any artwork can be recreated for you on an award or on a cube that is suitable for display. These crystal art pieces are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to pick something that works perfectly with the chosen graphics. When you order these gifts from a professional gift and award company, you’ll have a design professional who can work with you to help ensure your artwork is showcased to its best potential.

3. Engraved Wording – Subsurface laser engraving on a 3D crystal gift is stunning. Consider showcasing your wedding vows, a fond saying, or a team’s cheer on a crystal gift. The sky is the limit, since these awards and gifts are created one at a time.

New Ideas Are Available Each Year

It pays to stay on top of the newest designs and technology in crystal gifts and awards, as more beautiful and unique designs and ways to create are added all the time. Fortunately, your award and gift supplier is usually one step ahead of you, and should be keeping abreast of each new technology and design as it happens. His expertise and advice can help you to ensure your 3D crystal gifts or awards offer the latest in beauty, creativity and technology.

3D crystal gifts are always a joy to receive, because these make beautiful display pieces and offer a reminder of one of your life’s or profession’s happy memories. Be certain to take the time to check out each year’s new ideas before you purchase your next gift.

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