2 Things You Should Consider First Before Building a Backyard Deck

Have you always wanted a ground level entry deck in your backyard? Are you looking at several DIY videos and are wondering whether or not you should tackle the project yourself? Are you wondering if you have all the necessary tools to complete the project efficiently and safely? If you answered yes, then here are two things to consider when building your deck.

Stair Stringer

Building the actual deck may be an easy task, however, the stairs for your deck will need to be built with precision for both safety and cosmetic reasons. A stair stringer is a housing or structural member that is installed on either side of a flight of stairs. It is where the treads and risers are fixed into. Planning is key when it comes to building a stair stringer, and you will need at least a leveler, a framing square, and a saw for this part of the project.


Just like a stair stringer, railings are another important component when building a deck. They not only look great, but they keep you, your family, and your guests safe while enjoying a day or evening on the backyard deck. There are several types of railings you can utilize like wood-framed railings, stainless steel cable railings, and more. Depending on the type of railing you choose, you may need a drill and the necessary hardware to install them.

Experts in Precision and Accuracy

Perhaps you have decided that hiring the professionals would be beneficial. After all, they will have the knowledge, experience, and all the pertinent tools for the project. You are now perhaps searching for a company that offers complete installation which includes railings and stair stringer in Baltimore, MD. Contact East Coast Cable Solutions. They offer their expertise and can help you with all your backyard deck needs like railings and stair stringers in Baltimore, MD. Call or visit them at www.eastcoastcablesolutions.com today.

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