2 Team Building Exercises That Enhance Problem-Solving In Sales Teams

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Business, Event Planning, Event Venue

If you ask most managers what is the key skill that your current sales department needs to develop, the answer is most likely around the need to increase problem-solving as a team. The inability to solve problems in real-time can lead to lost sales opportunities that are not just short-term, but may also result in the loss of a valued account.

The challenge with teaching problem-solving is the real-world nature of these issues. They tend to be unique and one-of-a-kind problems where there are no corporate guidelines on how to resolve the issue. To make matters more challenging, employees may not feel confident in suggesting possible options as they may not feel empowered within their sales team.

Team building exercises that focus on problem-solving are an ideal way to create unique, unusual and complex issues for the sales team to work through together. They will develop natural leadership skills, learn each other’s talents and skills and also how to harness their collective understanding of the problem to create a solution.

Mystery Puzzlers

For small to large teams, working together to solve a mystery is an ideal way to add a challenge and a goal of working together. These “mystery in a box” activities are fun and do not require an escape room experience, making them an ideal option for any time of the day during corporate training.

Individuals will need to talk about the clues, work creatively to make connections between the known facts and attempt to solve the mystery in the time provided.

Working Together

There are several options for both indoor and outdoor types of team building exercises that are highly interactive and immersive. Imagine how much your staff would engage in different problem-solving activities through a series of games. Competition between “Tribes,” working collaboratively on a life-sized puppet or learn about leadership through creating a custom perfume that requires strategic planning.

To learn more about the options in team building exercises that will enhance the problem-solving capabilities of your sales teams or any teams in the company, turn to the experts at d’frens. Contact us today, and we can start customizing your next training.

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