Zinc Chromate Plating

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Zinc chromate plating is an industrial process that applies decorative coatings to different types of metal materials. The substance not only improves the appearance of a metal or material item it also adds a protective barrier to them as well. Over the years, many different types of zinc coating applications have been developed from this process.

Zinc Chrome Plating Processes

There is a variety of zinc chromate plating process and they will be listed here.

Alkaline Cyanide Zinc Plating

Alkaline cyanide zinc plating is considered the benchmark process for this type of industrial application. Many other zinc plating processes are compared to this particular type of procedure.

Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc

Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating is similar to the cyanide process with the exception that it does not contain any poisonous substances.

Zinc Chloride Plating

Zinc chloride plating uses a chloride solution for covering metal items.

Zinc Alloy Plating

Zinc alloy plating uses various alloys as a part of this process. Other parts of this process include zinc/nickel and zinc/cobalt applications.

Application Processes for Zinc Alloys

Zinc alloys are typically carried out inside of tanks. Parts or materials are dipped into a tank, or they go inside of a tank through the conveyor belt. Once a material has been thoroughly covered it is then taken out of the tank to cool. Metals should be corrosive resistant since this process has a lot of chemicals that can destroy the bonds on this type of material. Sometimes this process is carried out more than a couple of times for coating purposes.

Zinc Chromate Plating Applications

This process is commonly used on automotive and machine parts. Metals that are used for construction purposes and household appliances are also covered using zinc chromate solutions. Zinc chromate plating applications not only adds a protective layer to products they are also used to make them look appealing. Zinc chromate solutions come in many different colors. Zinc solutions are usually passivated to produce different types of colors.

Computer Plating Processes for Zinc Chromate

Computer processes can be used for zinc chromate processes. Computers can be used to control the temperature, movement of parts and materials and the number of coats a part will receive. Many plating companies, such as DeKalb Metal Finishing, will use computer operated systems to streamline their operations; especially if they’re a high volume operation. Zinc chrome plating continues to remain one of the best plating processes in use today.

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