Your Two-Step Guide to Planning a Funeral

Many funerals homes offer pre-planning for funerals near San Pablo. Planning a funeral really comes down to two primary questions. These are:

What will you do with the deceased person’s physical remains?

How will you honor or celebrate their life?

These questions are a good starting point for planning a lovely memorial service that respects your loved one’s memory and honors their wishes.


What happens to a person’s physical body is often referred to as the “manner of disposition.” Your family has several options when it comes to what to do with the decedent’s body, including:

Traditional burial. This is what most people imagine when it comes to burying a loved one. This usually involves a casket and an internment into the ground at a cemetery or mausoleum.

Cremation. This is a disposition that results in a small container or urn of remains—also called ashes—that a family can either keep or inter into a burial location.

natural or “green” burial. This is a general term encompassing many types of burial that seek to minimize the environmental impact of burial.

There are more options available, depending on where you live and what local companies offer. Talk to your local providers about what is available for burial and funerals near San Pablo.

Elements of a Service

Next, it is time to decide what kind of memorial service or funeral you intend to have. This may include traditional funeral elements, such as a viewing or wake. If you prefer to celebrate the life of your loved one without their body present, you may choose a memorial service before or after their burial or cremation. Some people choose a solemn religious ceremony, while others choose a secular celebration of life. There are many ways to honor the life and mourn the loss of a loved one, so be sure to ask your local funeral home to explain the many options they have available. To learn more, contact St. Joseph Cemetery & Funeral Center today.

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