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Perhaps you’re in the market for something a little different than a traditional, wrapped cigar. BnB Tobacco is pleased to offer you the wraps you need to make your own, custom smoking products. Among these are the highly preferred Juicy Blunt Wraps.

Tasteful Juicy Blunt Wraps

Juicy Blunt Wraps are known for their burst of moist flavor, which can greatly enhance your smoking experience. Experiment with your own tobacco blends, or one that you purchase from our inventory on the BnB website. The right wrap can make all the difference, and we’re glad to be the source you can trust. Juicy makes their blunt wraps in the Dominican Republic, and uses a secret, triple dip process that imparts a flavor like no other. While the brand itself might suggest great flavor, just listen to what’s available: Orange Overload, Mango Papaya, Raspberry, Tropical Passion, Brass Monkey, Peach Cognac and more.

Sharing Your Love of the Smoke

The team of BnB Tobacco is dedicated to giving you the ultimate for your smoking experience. We love a good, relaxing smoke as much as you do, and enjoy the chance to mix things up with cigars, pipes, small cigars and rolling our own. As a family owned and operated business, we know the countless memories and stories most people have regarding smoking, whether it’s about our grandfathers and from our childhoods, or celebrating the births of our own children. Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing like a fine, tasteful smoke to mark an occasion.

Because we are so passionate about what we do, we work hard to make your experience complete. Come to BnB Tobacco when you want Juicy Blunt Wraps, but stay for the cigars (premium and machine made), pipes, tobacco, hookahs, roll your own needs, e-smokes and accessories like lighters, humidors, ashtrays, wrappers, papers and cigar cutters. Vaporizers are also available. Whether you’re new to the smoking culture or have been indulging for decades, you’ll find exactly what you want at BnB Tobacco.

Contact BnB Tobacco Today

Placing your order on our website is easy, and you can track it with our online tool. Be sure to ask about current special deals, as well as the options for overseas military shipping and even free shipping. We can also provide orders for wholesale. Our staff is full of experts who would love to help you with any question or concern, and make it even easier to find exactly what you want.

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