Your Guide to Atlanta’s Best Trade Shows

Atlanta is a dynamic hot-spot and unarguably one of the nation’s most exciting cities. It is a cultural oasis; commonly known for its diverse musical background, southern charm and sports teams. Few know that Atlanta is actually home to some of the best trade shows in the United States, as well.  Atlanta trade shows draw thousands of people each year to share, create, communicate and inspire. Three of the best trade shows Atlanta has to offer are the Small Business Expo, the International Woodworking Fair and the Atlanta Pet Expo.

Atlanta’s Small Business Expo

The Small Business Expo is the largest of its kind nationwide; and perhaps the greatest event to touch Atlanta each year. The Small Business Expo focuses on business to business opportunities – catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The mission of the expo is to provide business owners – large, small and start-up – the opportunity to attend live trainings, workshops and seminars; view presentations from leaders in the industry; and network with other professionals in the field. The Small Business Expo presents business owners with a unique opportunity to communicate, share ideas, exchange learning opportunities and grow in the business sector. The Small Business Expo is a great event for business owners worldwide looking to gain a competitive edge in a fiercely aggressive market.

The International Woodworking Fair

The International Woodworking Fair is one of the largest trade shows of its kind in the world. This trade show – centered on the art of woodworking – brings industries, consumers and artisans together for information sharing and idea exchange. Business owners can immerse themselves in a number of top-notch, new products; engage with suppliers; and attend workshops to learn how they can better their business, learn new skills and fine tune old techniques. This event also presents individuals with the unique opportunity to network with others from around the world; who are just as involved and invested in the same business, side-job or hobby.

The Atlanta Pet Expo

Another great event that Atlanta hosts every year is the Atlanta Pet Expo. This is traditionally a one-day event that showcases a number of different products and services geared towards man’s best friend. This show presents a great opportunity for pet owners and aspiring pet parents to learn about the latest and greatest products and services on the market. A number of dog rescue agencies, pet hospitals and shelters attend this event to showcase their services and find homes for some of their most lovable, furry friends. This is one of Atlanta’s trade shows that simply can’t be missed!

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