Yellow Jacket Removal in Pittsburgh PA Can Be Dangerous

Being stung by an insect can be quite painful. It is especially true if the insect is a yellow jacket. These pesky insects are notorious for having one of the most painful stings around. They are also extremely aggressive which is why Yellow Jacket Removal in Pittsburgh PA should not be attempted by an amateur. A professional insect specialist, such as The-Beeman, has years of experience removing unwanted wasps, bees, and hornets. This father-son company has been in business since 1981, and they are licensed, certified, and insured to provide customers with the best stinging insect removal service around.

Yellow Jackets

Often mistaken for bees, these social insects are a type of wasp. They live all over North America in nests that are manufactured from a paper-like pulp that’s created by chewing wood fibers. Nests can be found in protected places such as under a deck, in the void behind walls in a home, or trees and shrubs. Yellow jackets are yellow and black in color and range in size from 3/8 – 3/4 of an inch.

Highly Aggressive Insects

Yellow Jackets are highly aggressive, especially if anyone comes near the nest. They can sting multiple times, injecting venom with each puncture. Since a nest can house between 1,000 – 4,000 workers, it’s important to seek professional Yellow Jacket Removal in Pittsburgh PA to avoid an unwelcome encounter. If several yellow jackets are seen regularly in the same area, chances are that they have a nest close by.

Easily Provoked

After a nest has been spotted, it’s crucial to be careful when moving around it. Even a tiny vibration can cause a wasp to go into a stinging mode. When this happens, it can excite other wasps in the colony who may join in on the stinging spree. When trying to exterminate a nest, spraying near it or at the opening will only infuriate the wasps, and they may break through the side of the nest to attack whoever is doing the spraying.

Yellow jackets are social insects who can quietly invade a space before anyone even detects their presence. Getting rid of them can be difficult, so it’s advisable to use a professional insect removal service to avoid being injured. For more information, please contact website domain.

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