Working With Z Bar Hanger Clips

One of the most effective types of combinations of walls, storage and display options for many different types of retail outlets, garages, hardware stores and even home garages or hobby and craft rooms are slatwalls. To quickly and efficiently mount big to small panels, Z bar hangers are a terrific option.

These Z bar hangers can also be used to hang heavy, larger items such as mirrors, paintings and artwork, and even shelving units. They provide a solid mount for even heavy items and with their unique design they can hold a significant weight along the entire length of the item for added security and safety.

The Basics

To use the Z bar hangers all that is needed is a measuring tape, a saw, a screwdriver, a level and a hammer and nails to start the screws into the wood if necessary. To begin, measure the length of z bar required for the size of the item you need to hang and cut.

Remember, the entire system of securely mounting items to the wall using Z bar hangers hides the hangers, so you can use it along the entire length of heavy items such as a cupboard, cabinet or heavy mirror or framed picture.

Cut the Z bar hangers, one for the wall and one for mounting on the back of the item to the desired length using the saw, typically about one inch shorter than the object on both ends.

Mark two points on the frame or the backing of the item at least one inch below the top of the frame or the item. Screw the z bar into the back of the item with the pre-drilled holes to the top of the frame or object, first attaching the middle screw and then leveling and attaching the ends of the hanger, moving back towards the middle.

Repeat this process on the wall, but with the pre-drilled holes on the Z bar pointing down. This means that the two interlocking flanges of the Z bar hangers will lock into each other, with the weight of the item actually holding the item securely in place. To attach the item simply lift it up above the wall mounted hanger and move it down until the two lips of the hangers interlock.

With the use of Z bar hangers removal of the item is also very easy. Lift up and then pull out once the two edges are no longer connected for simple, easy reconfiguration as needed.

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