Workers’ Compensation – Don’t Let Employers Dodge The Bill

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Law

While the state law in Illinois is fairly clear when it comes to workers’ compensation, that hasn’t stopped employers from attempting to avoid payment. Many employers get by without properly compensating the workers because those workers don’t seek adequate legal defense. Lake Zurich workers compensation lawyers can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from your employer if you were injured on the job.

What Does the Law Say?

Every employer in the state of Illinois is legally required to carry workers’ compensation. Furthermore, they must provide the benefits to any worker who suffers an injury while they are performing a task related to their job. The requirements for receiving the compensation are very simple. However, employers and their legal teams often find legal loopholes that help them avoid making necessary payments. Lake Zurich workers compensation lawyers use their legal expertise to prove to a judge that a company owes a particular worker compensation.

Always Seek a Second Opinion

One of the most commonly used methods an employer might use to circumnavigate paying the benefits is sending the employee to a company doctor. The doctor is often associated with the company and may not properly diagnose the condition. That doctor’s opinion will be very valuable during the court case. To avoid this from preventing compensation, the worker should always seek the opinion of a second doctor not associated with the company.

Seek Legal Help Immediately

It’s in your best interest to immediately seek legal assistance from Lake Zurich workers compensation lawyers if you were injured on the job. Employers may try to avoid paying your benefits by questioning you while you are in the hospital, by encouraging you to return to work ahead of schedule, or by relying on the opinion of a company doctor. A workers’ compensation attorney will protect you from these tactics and more.

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