WoodWick Trilogy Candles Are Perfect for Every Room in the House

All candles are pleasing to the eyes and nose. Everyone loves burning candles. They create a warm ambiance and cast a gentle glow in any room. WoodWick candles offer not only the glow and fragrance but also the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Now WoodWick has added the WoodWick Trilogy candle which offers three different scents in one candle.

Each layer of the candle has its own distinctive fragrance which smoothly melts into the next layer as it burns resulting in a delightful fragrance that lasts for hours.

Each WoodWick Trilogy candle has three layers of different colors. Each layer is also scented with a different fragrance. Each of the layers of fragrance melts into the next layer as the candle burns. This creates a new and exciting fragrance.

In addition to the three wax layers, each Trilogy candle also has the unique wooden wick which creates a crackling fire sound as it burns.

Woodwick candles come in many different scents. The scent depends on the season. WoodWick candles burn longer than traditional cotton wick candles. The candles are made with soy wax which is nontoxic, and they are able to burn at a lower temperature. It is not unusual to get 100+ hours out of one WoodWick Trilogy candle.

The beauty of WoodWick Trilogy candles is that they fit perfectly in any room. A candle burning in the kitchen can help to mask strong odors or to soften an otherwise harsh surrounding. Enjoy your dinner over scented WoodWick Trilogy candle, by adding a candle to your table. WoodWick Trilogy candles are right at home on living room coffee tables and end table.

WoodWick Trilogy candles make great gifts for anyone who loves candles. Their blend of three fragrance and unique burning process are soothing and relaxing and looks wonderful sitting on a mantle.

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