Woodridge Fathers Are Encouraged to Take Paternity Tests for Good Reasons

Whether you’re divorcing or you just had a child with someone, you should always seek a paternity test. Woodridge family lawyers strongly urge fathers to get paternity tests for a number of valid reasons. Failing to do so could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Why Unmarried Fathers Should Care About Paternity

There are plenty of reasons why unmarried fathers should care about paternity. If you weren’t married, it may be possible that your baby mama was with someone else. You shouldn’t have to pay to raise someone else’s child.

Never Pay Child Support for a Child That Isn’t Yours

Speaking frankly, can you account for the pregnancies of each of your children? Do you know with absolute certainty that they are yours? If there’s even the slightest doubt (or you know that your mate was cheating), a paternity test for every child is a must.

Since child support is based on a percentage of your wages extracted from your net pay, you should only have to pay for the children that are definitely yours. The law doesn’t require fathers to pay child support for children that are not genetically and biologically tied to the fathers. You do not have a legal responsibility for those children.

To avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars you can never recoup for a child that was never yours, ask the Woodridge family lawyers at Covert Marrero Covert LLP for help with paternity testing. You can stop paying money you don’t really owe.

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