Why You Should Start with Mediation in Your Chicago, IL Divorce

There are reasons why everyone considering divorce should want divorce mediation. This is especially true if you are divorcing in Illinois and in the Chicago area. Even after you hire a Chicago divorce lawyer, your lawyer will advise you to consider mediation before moving forward with your divorce.

Reason Number One: The Family Court Judge Will Order It Anyway

In almost every divorce here, the judge will order the couple to go to mediation anyway. Going to mediation means that the judge has less to sort out and less to rule on, plus it reduces the time spent on your case. When you already know in advance that it’s highly likely that the judge will order you and your spouse to mediation, you should just do that first before appearing before the judge.

Mediation Helps Sort out the Little Things

Why everyone considering divorce should want divorce mediation has everything to do with the little things couples fight over. Mediation helps resolve issues about where the children will be and when, unless there’s no room for compromise. It resolves who will live in the marital home, who will have what car, etc. These are issues that you should sort out with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse before you head into divorce court. The mediator appointed to you is not a lawyer nor an advisor but just a third-party negotiator.

Then, when your Chicago divorce lawyer schedules your first divorce hearing, you can tell the judge what you have sorted out thus far.

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