Why You Should Keep Coffee in Your Break Room

There is a growing trend among office managers to either charge employees for coffee or simply remove it from the break rooms altogether. This may seem like a good idea in theory, but in practice, it has some pretty substantial drawbacks. With so much competition distributing office coffee supplies in Chicago, negotiating a good deal should not be an issue if you shop around, so read on and decide if it is really worth getting rid of free coffee to save a few bucks.

Employees Need Coffee

Let’s be honest, most people could use a little help waking up first thing in the morning. Add to that work hours that are getting earlier and longer, and you have employees that need a pick me up, especially early in the morning. Without coffee in the morning, it can take worker longer to get into the flow of things and become productive. This results in lost productivity and will cost you money.

Employee Happiness

Lost productivity is key here. When employees don’t have access to coffee, productivity suffers, and when productivity suffers, you lose money. When you lose money you check the logs and notice productivity is down, so you have a meeting to discuss it with your employee who tell you they can’t focus in the morning because you took their coffee. In the end you tell your employees they need to work harder and not complain about the coffee situation. Problem solved, right? Not really. All you have done is make your employees feel unappreciated and overlooked. This, in time, will breed contempt, which will lower productivity and job satisfaction even further.

These may seem like far fetch scenarios, but they happen all too often. Coffee has become a staple in our way of life and without it we lose productivity. From there it is a slippery slope to a very unhappy office.

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