Why You Should Hire an Appeal Attorney

An appeal attorney in Florida, or better known as an appellate attorney, is an attorney that handles appeals from a lower court. Lawyers who specialize in appeals handle the process of appealing a final judgment from a lower court. This can happen in a civil case such as a car wreck or breach of contract or in a criminal case after the conclusion of a trial or if it has been dismissed. The sooner you hire an appeal attorney, the better off your case will be.

When a lawsuit goes to trial, the losing side has a specific number of days for when they can file an appeal. Many trial lawyers do not handle appeals so the case will be handed off to an appellate attorney.

An appeal attorney in Florida will be able to review the case with fresh eyes. The appellate attorney will be able to look at the case objectively and decide if an appeal has merit.

It is important to understand that a trial court focuses on facts, exhibits, and witnesses. An appellate lawyer will look at the case to determine if the opposing counsel and judge from the trial court applied the laws correctly and consistently. No new facts are introduced. This court will only look procedural issues. An appeal attorney will also check to see if the attorney preserved any errors which could be used in the appeals brief.

Appellate lawyers will write an appeals brief. An appellate attorney knows this and also knows that what an appellate judge is looking for in a brief. These are extremely important for the success of an appeal.

If you decide to appeal your case, you should hire an appellate attorney as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to do this. Consult with an appeal attorney in Florida as soon as you believe you have an appealable case.

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