Why You Should Hire a Bail Bond Agent After Getting Arrested in Gilbert, AZ

Whether you get arrested for a misdemeanor or felony, you’ll be facing serious consequences if you’re convicted. Even a misdemeanor carries jail time in most cases, so you’ll be faced with the loss of your freedom to some degree. This makes the services of a bail bond agent in Gilbert, AZ, much more important. Here are three reasons to consider using a bonds service after your arrest.

Make Paying Bail Easier

The primary reason to use a bail bondsman is to ensure that you can get released on bail. Even the bail for a misdemeanor charge can be several thousand dollars, making it difficult for the average person to put up that money out of their own pocket. A family member can help you pay a percentage of your bail to a bonds service and, in exchange, they will pay the necessary bail to ensure your release.

Start Planning Your Defense

You may be considering staying in jail until your trial rather than going through the process of paying bail. However, getting released will make it much easier for you to hire an attorney and plan your defense. You’ll need to interview lawyers, talk to witnesses who can corroborate your story, and gather evidence. This is all much easier to do once you’re released from jail.

Plan For the Worst Case Scenario

If you are convicted, you may be separated from your life and family until your case is seen in court. Arranging your release through the services of a bail bond agent in Gilbert, AZ, will give you the opportunity to keep your life as normal as possible while you await your next court date.

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