Why Use French Doors to Replace Your Sliding Glass Doors

A commonly requested home improvement project is replacing the old and outdated sliding glass doors by installing newer and aesthetically pleasing French doors in San Diego, CA. While installing French doors might be at the very top of your renovation list, the fact is that the actual installation process may be more extensive than you first anticipated. It is not an easy job to tackle on your own, and it’s not highly recommended that you visit your local box store and purchase a pre-made door unit that you install by yourself.

There are a number of benefits offered by replacing your sliding glass doors in San Diego, CA with French doors, which are highlighted here.


When you install hinged and swinging French doors in San Diego, CA from US Window and Door they will provide a huge safety improvement over the sliding glass door option. A sliding glass door that is on rollers and tracks can be easily popped or pried open from the exterior of your home by a burglar, making them a huge security risk.

When you install French doors, which are hinged and swing out, they will not be able to be pried or kicked open. While the hinges will be exposed, they are not able to be removed. The door can also be locked with steel rods at the bottom and the top of the door and a deadbolt that will latch inside.


If you have installed sliding glass doors in San Diego, CA that are six feet wide, you will, at most, be able to open them to three feet. However, with French doors, you will be able to open them the full six feet, which will allow you to easily move larger items into and out of your home.

Additionally, your sliding glass doors may be extremely heavy, and the rollers they use can become worn out quickly due to the weight being placed on them each time they are opened and closed. When you add that with the fact that debris and dirt will get stuck in the rollers and tracks, chances are you will be straining to simply close and open them.


French doors in San Diego, CA are more aesthetically appealing than sliding doors. You will also be able to customize the color and look to further enhance your home.

If you are considering changing your sliding glass doors in San Diego, CA to French Doors, there are a number of good reasons to make the change. If you want to know more about the benefits they offer, contact your local supplier.


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