Why Rice Might Make the Best Gluten Free Noodles From Denver, CO

People are generally familiar with terms like carnivore, omnivore and vegetarian as ways to describe one’s level of meat consumption. Wheatavore is a slang word for someone who loves foods made with wheat. A wheatavore is justifiably distraught after being diagnosed with celiac disease, since now, eliminating wheat from the diet is imperative. As this person makes adjustments, he or she might search for the best gluten free noodles available so giving up pasta won’t be required.

Rice as the Best Choice

Noodles and other types of pasta can be made with many other ingredients in lieu of wheat. As more people are diagnosed with celiac disease and others simply choose to avoid gluten, food producers continue thinking of ingenious ways to create pasta without wheat. For various reasons, many people feel that the best gluten free noodles are made of rice.

Asian Cuisine

Rice noodles are relatively common in Asian cuisine, so a large number of consumers are already familiar with them. They may have already eaten rice vermicelli in the form of mei fun at a Chinese restaurant. They can easily tell the difference between mei fun and lo mein, noodles that are made of wheat.

Similarities to Semolina

Rice pasta has a chewy texture that is similar to semolina, which is the most common choice for making pasta. Its flavor is mild, which many pasta lovers appreciate since it does not compete with the sauces and other ingredients included in a dish. Gluten-free noodles can be ordered from through the website .

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