Why Residential Alarm Systems Matter

The days of being able to leave the front door unlocked are over. Circumstances today mean that homeowners need to think about home security, even when they live in areas considered safe and crime-free. Here are a few of the reasons why residential Alarm Systems matter and should be chosen with care.

Immediate Recognition That Someone Has Broken into the Home

The nice thing about all the Alarm Systems on the market is that they immediately alert family members that an intruder is in the home. From the second that the individual manages to get through a window or trips the lock on a door, the activity is identified. That provides members of the household to quickly to go a secure area of the house and contact the security company. Once there is no question that the entry is unauthorized, the authorities will be on the way.

Checking Activity Around the House

Many of the systems available today are equipped with motion detection capabilities. This makes it easy to connect the system with the home network and be alerted if someone is moving around the exterior of the house. For example, the right setup would make it possible to know that someone was near the front door or one of the windows. When the network includes visual images that display on a computer screen, it is possible to know if the person who is outside happens to be friend or foe.

Remote Monitoring of the System

How many people have left home and cannot remember if they activated their alarms first? Thanks to remote access, it is possible to see if the system is working or if it needs to be turned on using the remote authorization codes. Along with allowing the homeowner to turn the system on at will, it can also make it easy to temporarily disable the system. That is a nice feature to have if a trusted neighbor needs to go into the house at the request of the owner.

For homeowners who are thinking of investing in alarms or would like to upgrade an older system, visit us and arrange for a visit to the home. It will not take long to determine what sort of system would work and how quickly it can be installed.

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