Why Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA is Important

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless and radioactive gas that can easily access your home environment through your home water systems as well the soil that lies underneath your home. The risk of inhaling this gas is more serious than that of having it in your drinking water. However, this does not imply that you should not call in professionals of Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA to test your water for radon.

Underground water such as the water from wells and water from aquifer pumps contain high quantities of radon gas, and it may have adverse effects on your overall health. Prolonged inhalation of radon gas can cause serious health problems, such as the development of lung cancer. The risk of developing lung cancer is more severe than the risk of developing stomach cancer once you drink water containing radon gas.

How do you remove radon concentration in your home water sources?

You should test for the presence of radon gas in your home water especially if you depend on water from your private well. If you find that the radon gas percentage in your drinking water is always high, call in experts in Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA to remove it using either an aeration system or the granular activated carbon filters.

How do these two systems remove radon gas concentration?

The installation of aerated systems next to the tanks that store water from the well is an effective way of removing radon gas from your home water. The aeration system, which is simply a large plastic tank, agitates the air through the water and eventually exposes the radon gas into the air. The radon-containing air then vents out of the tank and separates from the water. The remaining water is then re-pressurized to ensure that the water is completely radon-free.

In the granular activated carbon, the filters are saturated with activated carbon that is effective in Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA. Due to the proportions of radon gas that remain in the filters, there is a risk of inhaling the radon gas when changing filters.

You can contact Omega Radon Measurement and Mitigation to test the water in your wells and tanks for radon gas. Visit the website, http://www.omegaradon.com to know more where to get radon water testing services and Radon Removal in Pittsburgh PA.

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