Why Personalized Tavern Signs Make Great Gifts

One of the hardest parts of being a groom is figuring out what gifts to give to your ushers as a way to thank them for all their help leading up to, and on, your special day. There is a fine balance between a great gift and one that is too cliché or cheesy to be fully appreciated. Tavern signs are rising in popularity as a common choice made by grooms, who then personalize them in order to tailor them to each usher’s interests. Here are just a few reasons why personalized tavern signs make great gifts.


Any gift that can be personalized is instantly seen as more thoughtful than something given off the shelf. Personalizing an item shows that you know the individual well, and that you took the time to think about what the recipient would like. This is bound to give your gift more meaning, and will show your appreciation much better than a generic item.


Personalizing your gift helps you to make it more versatile. You can tailor it to suite the décor in any given room, or design it in such a way that makes it perfect for the cottage or boathouse. Think about your usher’s style and tailor the tavern sign to suite him. This is a great way to be sure that your gift is used long after your wedding has come and gone.


Chances are, your ushers have been in at least one other wedding before; some may have been in multiple weddings. This means that they already have the common, traditional gifts such as a flask or special pen. Personalizing a tavern sign is a great way to ensure you are giving your ushers something they don’t already have; something unique that showcases their personality. This improves the odds that your gift will be both appreciated and used.

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