Why People Need To Consider Learning A Breathing Treatment

The human body is not a set of systems that work independently of each other. Rather, the human body works as a synergistic and holistic system with each component of the body working more effectively together than apart. By learning a breathing treatment that brings in more oxygen to the body and allows for exhalation of waste materials, the body as a whole is healthier.

The Relationship of Oxygen to Health

Oxygen is the source of fuel for all cells in the body, and it necessary in all metabolic processes from digestion to being able to fight off infectious disease and heal and repair damaged tissues in the body.

When people are ill their breathing changes, and this in turn impacts all the systems in the body. Hyperventilation, or rapid breathing, leads to changes in the composition of blood gases, especially a decrease of carbon dioxide, CO2, within the blood. This, in turn changes the blood chemistry to be alkaline, which limits the action of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is the blood component responsible for carrying oxygen to the cells. When the hemoglobin is exposed to alkaline conditions, it binds oxygen more tightly, limiting the amount of oxygen the cells receive.

The rest of the body systems instantly start to try to correct the problem and to stop the damage to the tissues. The kidneys, in particular, try to get rid of all alkaloids, resulting in a loss of bicarbonate, phosphorus and magnesium, all required in metabolic functioning.

The Benefits Of A Breathing Treatment

Through using a breathing treatment method and learning the correct breathing techniques, it is possible to break this cycle. Of course, it is essential to start learning the breathing treatment when calm and not experiencing a respiratory problem or a health challenge.

However, even people with significant issues with hyperventilation, asthma, allergies, panic attacks, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) or sleep apnea can work with a coach or attend trainings to develop the skills needed to use a breathing treatment.

The Buteyko® breathing treatment, perhaps the most researched and best-known option, will provide a noticeable change in an increase in energy and a decrease in symptoms within the first day of implementing the technique.

With continual use this breathing treatment can help people with chronic health conditions and respiratory problems to reduce and even eliminate the need for medications and steroids, and it can also help to improve their overall quality of life.

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