Why It’s Important to Flush Water Heaters in Fort Wayne IN

Most water heater manufacturers advise users to periodically flush the tank to remove sediment, silt and scale buildup. However, most people don’t flush the tanks as often as recommended, and some skip it altogether. This inattentiveness can be dangerous, and customers should consider the below reasons for regular tank flushes.

Less Noise

In many cases, when a water heater makes crackling, popping and banging sounds, it is due to buildup within the tank. Sometimes, the noises seem to go away on their own, but it’s only because the scale layer inside the tank has solidified to the point where water can no longer get through. The homeowner’s best move is to hire a technician to descale and flush the unit as soon as possible.

Faster Water Heating

The more material that’s on the bottom of the tank and on its electrodes, the harder it is to transfer heat to the water. In simpler terms, it takes longer to heat water to the user’s desired temperature. When Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN don’t heat up fast, the hot water can run out quickly-; but a flush can get things back up to speed again.

Reduced Operating Costs

The harder it is for the unit’s heating element to heat the water, the more energy the heater will use, and the higher the owner’s utility bills will be. In many cases, an owner may end up spending more on water heater repair as parts succumb to clogging sediment and corrosion. With regular tank flushes, users can significantly cut costs.

Prolonging Equipment Life

Built-up scale can cause premature failure in various ways. In electric units, scale can cause electrodes to fail early; in gas units, buildup turns into an insulating layer between the water and its heat source. The metal at the bottom of the tank can get too hot, and it may eventually fail. Compared to the high cost of new Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN, a routine tank flush is a real bargain.

One of the biggest benefits of regular tank flushes is that it can help keep warranty coverage in effect if the tank fails. Most manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover scale failure, and proof of regular flushes can rule this cause out if a tank fails. Call Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for tank flushes and warranty service.

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