Why Good Health at Work Is Linked to Your Company’s Balance Sheet

When you are office-based, you are likely to spend as much time sitting in your chair as you do, fast asleep, in your bed overnight. You choose your bed because it is comfortable and supports your body; shouldn’t you organize an ergonomic office chair to do just the same when you are at work?

How Healthy Is Your Spine?

Of the many unhealthy annoyances that individuals discuss at length, poor backache is often at the top of the list. Achieving poor back pain is remarkably easy when you sit for hours, every day, five or six days a week, in an uncomfortable and ill-supporting chair. Your health can then be further ruined by going home and sitting in an uncomfortable office chair as you update your home accounts, reply to emails and play games.

When the back-pain stretches to your shoulders and neck, it may be the best time to change to an ergonomic office chair, both at work and at home.

You will be exerting excessive stress on your spine when you are sitting in a similar position for a long time, every day. A traditional, cheap office chair is not going to be considering how healthy you are. An ergonomic office chair has been designed by experts, to provide you with a great posture and support so that your body is not stressed during your working day.

What Will Great Ergonomics Next Mean to You?

Moving from an incorrect posture to a great supportive pose will provide rest and relaxation for both your back and your head. Maximizing a healthy pose can be completed by ensuring that your feet sit flat on the floor, so any choice of office chair must have height adjustment facilities. To further improve your posture, keeping your knees at a 90° angle to the floor while parallel to your hips will make for a more comfortable day.

You are bound to receive an element of neck ache when you sit for a chair in a long time, especially when it does not have a headrest to support your head and neck area. Further down, and ergonomic office chair will support your spine by matching its natural curve, supporting all your back and neck and not just halfway up your backbone.

Great chairs have an excellent depth of support for your hip area. Conversely, some old-style chairs have a hard surface, which can quickly reduce your level of relaxation in the chair, within minutes.

When you choose your new office chair, ensure it’s one that provides you with a wide range of adjustable options so that the chair can exactly match your specific needs, providing you with a relaxing day at your desk and reducing your stress levels.

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