Why Fox Lighting Galleries is the Best Choice for Your Lighting Needs

Founded in 1953, Fox Lighting Galleries is a family-owned wholesale lighting distributor located in Chicago, Illinois. Fox Lighting Galleries is also a wholesale supplier of electrical products through its sister company, Active Electrical Supply. With a wide range of lighting products to choose from, customers have the option of making all of their purchases with Fox Lighting Galleries. Customers located in the Chicago area can visit the Fox Lighting Galleries Showroom and receive consultation from an ALA Certified company representative. ALA Certified consultants have extensive knowledge in residential lighting and can recommend the most suitable lighting setups for a customer’s specific needs. Lights Chicago custom setups can also be discussed with the company’s Certified Lighting Specialists.

There are a ton of great reasons to do business with Fox Lighting Galleries. One of those many reasons is the fact that Fox Lighting Galleries will go the extra mile to ensure clients receive the information and services needed to minimize their energy costs. Through the company’s Electrical Supply Division, customers have the option of receiving a thorough energy audit that will help them introduce a plan to reduce daily and monthly energy costs. Furthermore, Certified Electrical Professionals can visit a customer’s building to conduct a walkthrough that will give them insight on how to assist the client with increasing the electrical performance of their facility.

Lights Chicago project completion can easily be a success by utilizing Fox Lighting Galleries’ extensive inventory. Customers will surely appreciate the large selection of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fans, bathroom lights, kitchen lights, and wall cones. Fox Lighting Galleries also has a high-quality selection of lights for a client’s outdoor and landscape projects. Businesses that need to upgrade lighting for their properties should seek out the assistance of the Fox Lighting Galleries’ commercial lighting department. The commercial lighting department has the knowledge, products, and services available to help any business with the process of starting their indoor or outdoor lighting project. Individuals that choose Fox Lighting Galleries for their lighting needs will be delighted to know that they have the opportunity to receive COMEd/DCEO rebates that can help with project costs.

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