Why Experience Matters In Custom Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturing

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Machinery and Tools

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders are used in many different applications. They are easy to spot on heavy equipment and agricultural equipment as well as in manufacturing systems and industrial equipment.

A telescopic cylinder offers the advantage of a longer traveling distance than a standard cylinder. This is accomplished by consecutively smaller diameter sections of the rod that nest into each other in the housing. Single action telescoping cylinders are effective and efficient in design and offer easy use for the operator even in very demanding and precise types of applications.

Weight and Distance Factors

There are essential design requirements for any type of custom telescopic cylinder. The individual sections of the cylinder have to be able to bear the weight and the pressure to avoid any bending or twisting of the progressively smaller diameter stages.

In most cylinders, there will be maximum of stages, which is usually six or less. The heavier the weight, the fewer the stages to provide the strength needed for the lift. To accommodate for this issue, the angle of installation of the telescopic cylinder will also be an important consideration for the engineering and design team.

Speed of Production

Ordering custom telescopic single-action cylinders can be a very long process. It is not uncommon for an Original Equipment Manufacturer or someone requiring a replacement cylinder for equipment to be told there will be a turnaround time of two to three months.

There are highly experienced manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in the United States that are capable of cutting that time to just four to six weeks from the first contact with the order specs to delivered product.

Take the time to compare the different custom cylinder manufacturers in the market. It won’t be difficult to spot the companies with the experience and expertise to provide a quality cylinder at a fair price.

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