Why do most companies use electric hand dryers?

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Businesses are not only judged by the products they sell, the price they sell them for and their knowledgeable and friendly staff, they are also judged on organization and cleanliness. Cleanliness goes beyond the showroom; it is equally as important in the restrooms.

For business owners, hand dryers have numerous benefits; they are certainly cost effective, there is no waste to be concerned about, the best restroom hand dryer requires little or no maintenance, their use eliminates vandalism and they are hygiene.

There are numerous reasons why companies use electric hand dryers, including:

  • Economical: The purchase of a hand dryer is a onetime expense; the same cannot be said for paper towels. Paper towels require replenishment and the waste must be disposed of. Over the anticipated life expectancy of the best restroom hand dryer the business owner can expect to save a great deal of money in material and labor.
  • The environment: Paper towels must be disposed of, they cannot be recycled. Paper towels put additional pressure on already overstressed land fill sites.
  • Waste: There is no waste when hand dryers are used, if there is no waste, there is no need for waste management. Furthermore there is no need to keep dispensers filled.
  • Always available: There is nothing quite as useless as an empty paper towel dispenser. The best restroom hand dryer is ready to go, any time of the night or day.
  • Eliminates vandalism: Vandals use paper towels to plug toilets and wash basins, if there is no “ammunition” then vandalism is a thing of the past.

One of the most important reasons why companies favor hand dryers is hygiene. Restrooms are kept cleaner, for longer. Dirty paper towels scattered on the floor is no longer an issue. One touch or no touch hand dryers eliminate the need to deal with paper towels altogether.

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