Why Delaware Vehicle Owners Should Keep Work Orders and Receipts

There are many steps consumers can take to avoid picking a Lemon vehicle. For example, online tools are available that allow consumers to look at issues previous owners had with vehicles. Consumers should pay special attention to service records before making a purchase. Unfortunately, there have been cases where individuals have purchased a new or used Lemon vehicle despite doing a lot of research.

All car owners should keep work orders and receipts associated with car repairs. When a person thinks that they are dealing with Lemon, this paperwork will be helpful when filing a Delaware Lemon Law claim. It will also play an important when determining what type of compensation should be due to the individual filing the claim.

Delaware Lemon Laws and Lemon Laws in other states apply to vehicles that are under a warranty. This almost always applies to brand-new vehicles and often applies to used ones. For a person to get a good outcome with their case, they need to prove that the vehicle did not live up to the warranty. Their vehicle needs to have a substantial defect. What is considered a substantial defect will vary by state. Also, the owner of the vehicle will have to prove that the dealership did not fix the defect in a reasonable amount of time. What is considered a reasonable amount of time will also vary by state.

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