Why Contact a Real Estate Attorney in Orange County, NY When Buying a Home?

Most people work with a real estate agent when they’re purchasing a home and trust them when they’re signing contracts or creating one with a potential seller. A real estate agent is not trained in real estate law, however, and this could mean potential problems for the buyer, who should work with a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY to ensure the contract is valid, the home does not have any leans or other issues, and to have help if something goes wrong with the purchase.

Checking the Contract

Contract law is incredibly specific and detailed, and it can be difficult for the average person to determine whether a contract is valid or whether it includes unfair terms for the buyer. While a real estate agent deals with these contracts often, they may not be trained in contract law. Instead, the buyer should contract an attorney and have them check the contract before it’s signed.

Leans and Other Issues

A home should be checked before going up for sale to ensure there are no problems with it. A lawyer can complete a search on the property to determine if it has a lean against it, if there are back taxes owed, and other issues the buyer needs to be aware of. Not all of this is easily found by the real estate agent, but a lawyer hired to do this can ensure the buyer won’t have to pay more than expected once they own the home.

After the Purchase

In some cases, the home may not be exactly as it was represented. If, for example, there is significant damage that was hidden during the inspection, the buyer may be able to take action to recover the costs of repairing the issue. It is difficult to prove the seller knew about these and hid them during the inspection, but a lawyer can help the person determine if they have a case and collect evidence for it.

Hiring a real estate attorney in Orange County, NY is a good option for anyone purchasing a home. It protects the buyer and lets them know what options they have before and after the purchase. Contact Mark Aberasturi to learn more about how a lawyer can help with any real estate purchase.

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