Why Choose JDM Wheels

Unless you are a true car enthusiast, the term JDM wheels may not be something that is a common term. In fact, many people new to aftermarket wheels and rims may assume, and it is easy to see why, that this is actually a brand or a style of wheels.

In fact, the term JDM wheels actually stands for a type of wheel, specifically those made for the Japanese domestic market. There are many different JDM parts on the market, and they are now made in many different countries and by many different manufacturers.

There are many wheel and rim manufacturers who offer JDM wheels. These include JNC, STR, and the very popular line of XXR wheels. The distinctive features of these wheels are designed for those smaller import cars including vehicles by Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Infiniti. They also work on other smaller vehicles such as Volkswagen and some of the smaller North American sports models of vehicles.

Performance Improvement

For a very low cost, JDM wheels can be used to boost performance and handling of the vehicle. Some of the common uses for these wheels in specialized types of applications include for use in street racing as well as in drifting. These wheels, depending on the use and the performance required, can be staggered or non-staggered in their configuration on the vehicle.

All JDM wheels tend to be lightweight but strong, and they have a range of different sizes and bolt fitments. It is critical when buying this type of wheels to ensure you have the right fitment as there is a considerable difference based on the vehicle make, model and year.

Benefits of the Wheels

There are hundreds of options in JDM wheels that include all spoke configurations, finishes and colors. They can be very classic in their design and finishes, or they can be bold colors such as habanero red, wasabi green or even the very flashy gold and silver wheel configurations. Black, chrome, graphite and white are also very popular as color options that work with any vehicle.

Spoke designs, like the colors, include a good mix of elaborate and very intricate to the more simplistic and traditional. You will find JDM wheels on all types of vehicles on the road, and with all the variety there is never an issue in finding the right wheels for your ride.

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