Why Buying Used is the Smart Choice for Those on a Budget

The modern American family is living on a budget. With thousands of websites dedicated to saving money every day, it seems that more people are doing everything they can to keep their family’s finances on track while still enjoying the things they need and want out of life. One of the best ways to do this is to shop used when buying a family car.

Why Buy Used?

Obviously, most people prefer used cars because of their significantly lower sticker price. Buying a used vehicle instead of a new one can save you fifty percent or more, depending on where, when and how you buy. There are other reasons to consider buying used, as well. Some of these include:

*     Depreciation is minimized. Within the first year after purchase, most new cars will lose up to thirty percent of their value. This is not true of used cars; their value depreciates much more slowly.
*     Insurance costs are lower. Cars with lower overall value will cost less to insure, and require fewer coverage areas.
*     Reduced registration fees. The fee your state charges for registration is typically based on the transaction price. Obviously, cheaper vehicles cost less to register.
*     More peace of mind than buying used in years past. Years ago, buying a used vehicle was a gamble. It amounted to buying someone else’s problems. Today, however, there are guarantees and safeguards in place to prevent the purchase of a lemon. You can rest assured that your money will be invested in a vehicle that will last you and your family for years.

Certified Pre-Owned – the Gold Standard of Used Cars

A vehicle that is factory-certified pre-owned is one that meets all regulations and parameters for sale by its own manufacturer’s standards. This means these used cars are a cut above those that you might find elsewhere, and an even better deal because of it. Many Chevy, Nissan and Ford used car dealerships sell these kinds of cars

Oak Ridge, TN dealer Ray Varner Ford is one of many Ford used car dealerships that specialize in a large selection of certified-preowned vehicles, all guaranteed to meet your needs as well as a new vehicle. Be sure to consider used when you’re shopping for your next car, and see how much youq can save.

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