Why Automotive Shop Software Is Essential

If you run an auto body shop, it is essential that you make it easier for you and everyone else to do their jobs. Automotive shop software provides many advantages to the owner, technicians, support staff, and customers. Understanding what these benefits are can ensure that you make the right decision to purchase the software.

Customer Experience

Customers have been told for decades that they are always right, which gives them the impression that they can expect quick service from friendly people. While software can’t ensure that your team is friendly and respectful, it can help with faster services. The administrator can put in the request for service, either scheduled or walk-in, and the technician receives that request in the back of the shop. They can start working on it immediately or put it in line to be completed when other work is done. Then, they can include information on the report, such as findings, what was done, and what else might be required. The report can be pulled up in the office and printed, which gives the customer all the information in an easy-to-read format.

Customers can also receive a printed receipt and quote. Once work is completed, they can pay the bill to get their receipt, and you can mark it as paid in the system.

Order Items

You can’t run an auto repair shop without having the right tools for the job. Of course, your technicians need car-specific tools that you probably already have, but you also need paper towels, cloths, oil, and parts. Many times, the software you use in-house can also be set up for online ordering. The software keeps track of your inventory and warns you when it is time to purchase more of something, which means you can order products before you run out and save yourself the hassle and headache of a quick run to the local automotive parts store. Fore more information about eGenuity Click here.

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