Why All Heat Treating Services Are Not The Same

As an OEM, finding the ideal partners to work with for all aspects of part and component machining, finishing, and assembly is critical. Most contract manufacturers and specialized companies offer specific services and are not designed to offer a full line of services from machining through to assembly.

One important part of the manufacturing of many types of parts and components for industrial and commercial types of applications is heat treating. By using a specialized heat treating service, the OEM can take advantage of expertise, experience, and capacity to process even large, ongoing orders.

Understanding of All Possible Processes

By choosing an established, experienced and advanced heat treating service provider, an OEM can rely on their teams to provide insight into the best process possible to achieve the desired results. While heat treating is typically done to increase the durability and life cycle of the part or component, each process provides its own benefits and considerations based on the metal or alloy as well as the application.

Processing Capacity

Not all heat treating service companies have the processing capacity large OEMs require. This includes the ability to complete the best possible service and also to have the capacity to handle current order levels with the potential to ramp up processing as the OEM requires.

Ability to Work to Delivery Requirements

Working to delivery requirements is not the same as capacity, although they are related issues. The top heat treating companies have a reputation of being able to work to the OEMs schedule and to ensure delivery is on time and as needed.

This is a factor of experience with supply chains and logistics as well as a commitment to customer satisfaction. These companies stand out from the competition and have top reputations in the industry they serve.

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