Who Should Consult with Personal Injury Lawyers in Olympia, WA?

While it is easy to determine when an individual is injured physically, the task of determining if someone is at fault is more difficult; this is especially true in terms of whether legal action against an individual or a business is appropriate. When the injured party is not sure what to do next, it makes sense to talk with one of the personal injury lawyers in Olympia, WA. Here is what the lawyer can do for the client.

Evaluating the Events Leading up to the Injury

There is no doubt that an injury occurred, but what is not yet clear is how the injury happened. In order to determine if someone is liable for the injury, most personal injury lawyers in Olympia, WA will want to take a close look at what was happening prior to the event, including specific information about the location where the injury occurred, what the client was doing, and what any other people in the area happened to be doing. When possible, talking with others who saw the event take place will help the lawyer further understand the chain of events.

In some cases, the lawyer may find that the client does not have a case, especially if the events suggest that the injury took place because the client was distracted or chose to enter a restricted area without taking reasonable precautions. If the lawyer evaluates the event and finds that the actions of others led to the injury, there is a chance that the matter will be worth pursuing.

Negotiating with the Insurance Provider

When it is clear that another party is responsible, filing a claim will often bring an insurance company into the mix. Rather than speaking directly with the provider, it makes sense for all communication to go through the lawyer. Doing so will ensure that the exchanges remain on target and the client does not make some comment that can be taken as a reason to reduce or deny the amount of the claim.

For anyone who is wondering if they are eligible for help with paying medical and other expenses after an injury, talk with the team at Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys At Law today. It will not take long to evaluate the circumstances of the event and determine if pursuing some sort of settlement or court action is in the best interests of the client.

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