Which Type of Exhibit is Perfect for Your Next Trade Show in Orlando?

To build the perfect trade show exhibit, you must first decide what your goals are for the show. The features of the exhibit you create will largely be determined by your budget and the goals you have established for your event. Whether you are planning on being the talk of the show or just looking for an affordable kiosk, there are a variety of solutions that can be perfect for your event.

Kiosks are Good Starter Packages

The absolute simplest of displays is typically a small countertop with a large banner for a backdrop. This allows for an affordable branding strategy since there is not very much construction involved in piecing these kinds of booths together. Even so, they produce a professional effect that no doubt increases sales by driving traffic to your booths.

To take your game up a notch, you may want to consider creating a medium-sized booth that has some extra perks. For instance, your booth can feature a series of countertops rather than only one, and you can also have shelving to display your many products. These exhibits allow for companies to create a store-like atmosphere right there in the middle of the convention center. You can even sell products directly from your booth if need be.

Take Your Trade Show Display to Another Level

The ultimate upgrade in the trade show display industry is furniture. If you have furniture in your exhibit, you can be certain that you will attract some extra attention. Everyone loves a good place to sit and chat at a convention. By being the one exhibit everyone wants to be at, you will generate more sales per presentation.

High-end custom displays even include high-definition televisions. Make your trade show exhibit your own with additional banners hanging from the rafters above with your company’s logo on them. It is this kind of lavish branding that has proven to be most successful at trade shows in recent years. To create your dream exhibit, contact Rockway Exhibits + Events by visiting www.RockwayExhibits.com.

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