Which Home Improvement Charlotte NC is the Best Investment to Raise Home Value?

Usually when someone is considering home improvement Charlotte, NC owners can be proud of, you are at least curious to know if it will raise the value of your house. Certain kinds of home improvement will raise a home’s value by a lot, while others not so much. Here are some renovation ideas that are the best investment to raise your home’s value:

Basic Maintenance Can Bring Top Return on Money Spent

Believe it or not, things like getting a new door, painting a house or putting on a new roof are some of the things that bring the most value. It’s also a good idea to do home improvement Charlotte, NC residents will consider as being traditional, such as wooden cabinets, real wood floors, granite countertops, etc., rather than spend extra on some new trend. Plus, things like replacement windows or refinishing a basement to make it drier will also bring more than remodeling a kitchen or bath, according to some statistics.

New Siding Good Investment for Home Improvement Charlotte, NC

Siding replacement is also said to be a good investment, as home owners were seen to get back nearly 100 percent of the cost they spent on a siding project, with windows and new roofs recouping an average of around 80 percent of what was spent.

Bathroom Remodel Worth More Than Bedroom Remodels

However, getting your bathroom or kitchen redone does bring in a lot more resale value than if you get a bedroom remodeled with home improvement Charlotte, NC. Depending on the market, sometimes sellers were said to be able to recoup more than 100 percent of what they spent on such projects in larger selling cities.

The bottom line in considering whether or not to do home improvement Charlotte, NC projects is if it will give your home more appeal to the potential buyers, and for more information in the Charlotte area, contact Titan Built Construction to speak to their remodeling experts.

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