When You Need Mold Removal in ALexandria VA

When conditions are right, mold can grow quickly in any home. Not only can mold cause damage to various materials and items in the home, it also creates health risks for pets and family members. If mold is suspected, it is important to get help with Mold Removal in Alexandria VA. The sooner the mold is removed, the less damage it can cause. However, it may not always be apparent that a home has mold.

Identifying mold

Visible signs of mold can vary greatly depending on the type of mold. Mold can be white and threadlike to patchy clusters of black or brown. In addition, not all mold is easily seen. Some other methods for identifying mold is the smell. Any moldy smells should be investigated immediately, as the mold may be growing in walls. Any water problems in the home should also be corrected. Even small water leaks create conditions that promote mold growth.

Professional inspection

If mold has been found, or if it is just suspected, it may be a good idea to have the home inspected for mold. A professional technician will visit the home or business to inspect the entire property for mold growth. They will inspect every area where it is common for mold to grow, as well as any areas suspected by the homeowner. They can easily find the type of mold and the cause of the growth. They can then provide options for Mold Removal in Alexandria VA. In addition, many of these inspections are free.


Once mold has been identified, companies, such as PMSI Mold Treatment Division, will take steps to remove the mold from the home or business. They will first dispose of any porous materials that have been infected. From there, they will utilize a antimicrobial solution to clean away mold spores from the area. From there, they will take steps to repair the damages and prevent mold from returning.

Mold can be a very damaging and costly problem if not addressed immediately. It can destroy various materials in the home, as well as create serious health risks for those in the building. It is important to hire professionals to take care of any mold issues in a home or business to ensure it is thoroughly and properly removed from the premises.

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