When You Need Commercial Glass Replacement in Brooklyn, MI

A shattered window is not the only sign that it’s time to call a contractor to provide Commercial Glass Replacement in Brooklyn MI. Once a window is shattered, the glass obviously needs to be replaced immediately, but many other signs of glass issues are far more subtle. One major sign that glass should be either repaired or replaced is spreading lines in the glass panes. In some cases, a line in the glass will not spread any further than it did the day the damage happened. This is a good sign, and it may even mean that only a minimal repair is required.

However, if that line starts to travel, the glass has been compromised, and it is likely to require replacement. Sometimes, a window that has no damage other than a small crack in the glass will suddenly show a remarkably quick spread of damage. This often happens in extremely hot weather. Sometimes, the glass damage is considerably smaller, but that does not mean that the window is safe. For example, a small round hole that radiates outwards like a spider web may be only a few inches in size. Despite its small size, a small spider web crack can cause enormous damage because it compromises the strength of the glass piece as a whole.

If there are only small pits in the glass, places in which an object did not travel all the way through the glass, the chances are good that a repair can be done rather than a replacement. A commercial glass contractor can inject a clear resin into the pit in the glass. This resin serves several purposes. It corrects the flaw visually, and it also helps shore up the glass as a whole. This means that the pit cannot spread and weaken the piece of glass as a whole.

In general, the larger that a piece of glass is, the more vulnerable it may be to damage. Most glass replacements in commercial buildings are done on very large pieces of glass, but even small pieces may need repair or replacement regularly. When you need Commercial Glass Replacement in Brooklyn MI, call Maple City Glass Inc to schedule an appointment at your place of business.

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