When To Use Storage Facilities For A Louisville Move

Moving is a lot of planning, a lot of work and a significant amount of organization. However, by using a top moving company, everything from the work of placing to arranging for short or long-term storage can all be handled by the professionals.

In Louisville, there are many different reasons why storage may be required before, during and after a move. Within each of these time frames, professionally managed and maintained storage facilities are always the best option.

Pre-moving Organization

Decluttering is a big buzzword for Realtors that refers to getting rid of the excess stuff in your home to make it look bigger, more organized and better coordinated from room to room.

Finding a place to put all of your extra furniture, clothing, boxes, seasonal items and the like can be a challenge. By using your moving company’s storage facilities, the issue can be easily resolved and your items safely and securely stored until you are ready to move.

During the Move

It is not uncommon to close on a deal to have to be out of the home before a new home is ready or before your move-in date to the new residence. When this is the case, using short-term storage facilities from your moving company provides the ideal solution.

The items will be stored, insured and protected until you are ready to have them delivered to your new residence. This storage can occur if you are moving to a new neighborhood in Louisville or if you are moving across the country.

Finally, you may want to leave some things in storage and not move them at all. Perhaps you are going to give them to family members, or you aren’t sure what to do with the items. Leaving them in storage is a low-cost solution until you make the final decision.

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