When To Let the Pros Handle Hand Dryer Installation

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

The benefits of installing hand dryers in your bathroom are sometimes too hard to ignore. After you’ve made the decision to switch from paper towels to electric hand dryers, all that’s left to do is select the best dryer and have it installed. Many hand dryers come with DIY instructions, yet not every hand dryer is suited for this. Here are a few ways to know that your hand dryer installation might require the work of a professional.

1. It Requires Electrical Work

Some hand dryers come only need to be attached to the wall and plugged into an outlet. Many more hand dryers require an electrical connection through the wall. Even the simplest instructions may require a basic knowledge of electrical engineering. In these cases, an installation professional can handle all of the electrical work, test each connection and make adjustments as they see fit.

2. Your Commercial Space Requires Special Placement

In some cases, non-residential bathrooms are required to meet certain fire safety standards. This affects where sinks and appliances are placed. Installation professionals typically have a general understanding of these codes and can advise you accordingly. Additionally, professionals are usually well-versed in various hand dryer heights and best practices.

3. You’re Crunched for Time

This might be the most obvious reason to hire a professional. The truth about hand dryer installation is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For every bathroom and every hand dryer, there is a unique set of needs. Each installation requires a thorough assessment of what tools will be used, your bathroom’s electrical set up and best practices for placement. As someone who likely owns a business or manages a facility with a public restroom, learning to install hand dryers is probably the least of your priorities.

If your new hand dryer requires electrical work, special placement and seems like it may be time-consuming, hand dryer installation professionals could be your best bet. Let the experts handle installation so that you don’t have to. For more details, visit here.

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