When to Hire Professionals for Gutter Installation in Tacoma, WA

Gutters are essential for keeping water away from the sides and basement of your home and limiting water damage. However, to get the best results they need to be installed properly. This is why it’s sometimes best to hire professionals for Gutter Installation in Tacoma Wa.

Seamless Gutters

Some types of gutters come in sections that are easily manageable by a homeowner, but seamless gutters that are specially made for a home should be installed by a professional. The large pieces are too much for a do-it-yourself enthusiast to handle.

Safety Considerations

If you don’t have the proper equipment and aren’t comfortable spending a lot of time on a ladder working high off the ground, it’s best to leave Gutter Installation in Tacoma Wa to the professionals. They have the training, equipment, and experience to do the job safely, as well as insurance, should any unforeseen accident occur on the job. Many people get sent to emergency rooms each year after falling off of ladders trying to do jobs they may not have been properly qualified for.


Gutters have to be installed at the right angle and in the right way for them to be effective. Gutters at the wrong angle won’t direct the water where it needs to go, and those not installed properly may start to sag. If you aren’t familiar with all the specifications, it may be best to leave the job to someone who’s more qualified. Otherwise, you may end up with gutters that don’t properly do their job and need to call someone to fix your mistakes. A professional is also more likely than the average homeowner to recognize when home repairs need to be made before gutter installation, such as when shingles or fascia boards are rotting.

Money Considerations

It may actually wind up being less expensive to hire a professional, as they can sometimes get better deals on the necessary materials if they can get wholesale prices. Having the job done properly the first time and not needing to have someone come fix any mistakes is always a better idea. Labor for installing gutters tends to be somewhere around $5.18 per square foot, although costs vary based on location and the contractor chosen for the job.

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