When to Hire an Arborist in Fairfield, Connecticut

Arborists are specialists who have extensive education and experience in caring for trees. They often work in conjunction with tree services or landscaping services to ensure clients’ trees and shrubs are well-maintained and healthy. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons property owners may want to consider hiring an Arborist in Fairfield Connecticut.

Tree Pruning

Routine pruning can help keep trees healthy and improve their appearance, reduce wind resistance, and increase light penetration. It can be particularly helpful after a damaging storm or an insect infestation. Trees whose branches are interfering with utilities, nearby structures, or are obstructing streets and sidewalks may also need to be pruned by an arborist.

Tree Removal

Most arborists consider tree removal to be the last resort unless property owners have compelling personal reasons for removing the specimen. However, if a tree is dead or dying, causing an obstruction that can’t be corrected via pruning, or is crowding more desirable trees, it will likely need to be removed. Arborists can often suggest hardier trees to replace those that have been cut down in the event the tree that has been removed has been damaged or diseased.

Tree Planting

An Arborist in Fairfield Connecticut can recommend appropriate species for new planting as well. They tend to consider things like limited growing space, climate, the prevalence of insects and diseases, and the proximity of other trees when making their suggestions. It’s a good idea to trust these professionals’ judgment, as it will ensure the longevity of the new tree.

Emergency Tree Care

Storms can damage even the healthiest trees, leaving branches at risk of falling on landscaping features, utility lines, and nearby structures. When this occurs, it’s essential to hire an arborist who can safely remove the damaged branches and begin the process of nursing the tree back to health as quickly as possible.

Get Started Today

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