When to Contact an Injury Law Firm in Norwich, CT

Accidents happen all the time, and in many cases no one is legally responsible. When something like this happens, and a person is injured, they typically use their own health insurance to get the medical treatment they need. In other cases, someone else may be responsible. When that happens, payment for medical bills and other expenses isn’t as clear.

Car Accidents

Law enforcement officers typically assign fault when they are called to investigate a car accident. Sometimes, more than one party is responsible for a crash. It’s possible that both parties are responsible, but one is slightly more at fault that the other. In those instances, a court might need to decide who pays for the damages. An injury law firm in Norwich, CT might be able to help a client who was hurt in a car crash caused, at least in part, by someone else.

Dog Bites

Dogs are animals, and they sometimes get aggressive unexpectedly. A friendly neighborhood dog could bite, even if it isn’t provoked. When something like this happens, the person who is bitten might not want to get the dog owner or the dog in trouble. Instead of contacting the police, they might go to the doctor first. If they inform the doctor or hospital staff the bite was a result of an accident, this might trigger a hold on the claim with the insurance company. Contacting an injury law firm in Norwich, CT would be the logical next step for the person who got bit by the dog.

Slip and Fall

Usually, a slip and fall accident is merely an accident. Sometimes, though, the fall could have been prevented if someone would have taken basic precautions. Business owners who leave wet floors without appropriate signage or who don’t secure things on the shelves so they won’t fall on customers might need to cover the medical expenses of anyone who is injured in their establishment. An attorney such as Stephen M. Reck may be able to assist a client who gets hurt in a place of business.

It can be difficult to determine whether an accident is just an accident or if a claim should be filed. Browse the website to learn more an determine whether a lawyer can help.

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