When To Cater A Corporate Event

A corporation can send out for meals. It is a task easy to delegate. It is also simple enough to book a restaurant or other eatery. Yet, sometimes either option fails to excite or even be suitable. When this occurs, the answer is simple: hire a company to cater your event.

Catering a Corporate Event

If the group assembled around the table are regular employees or the meeting is an informal gathering, catering may not be your first option; take-out may be the best choice. The same logic could apply if it is only you and another person, as those one-on-one meetings may well take place in a café or similar place.

However, you may need to alter your approach in certain circumstances and hire a caterer if:

 * You have more than one important guest or client.
 * The event is an important board meeting, seminar or convention.
 * If the meeting involves a large number of people – too many to take out without disturbing the flow of energy and going over  * budget.
 * The event is a special one e.g. anniversary (of a board member, employee or the business).
 * Going out is too complicated: transportation or transit are impossible, and there are no eateries nearby or the nearest ones are not of the right quality or type to impress the guests or clients.

At such times, catering is the best and most viable option.

Why Choose Corporate Catering for Your Events?

With corporate catering, you will receive the best meals for the best price with the least fuss. The catering company will arrive when desired and will:

 * Provide you with the food items you need, including breakfast, snacks, lunch and, in many cases, dinner.
 * Provide your guests with options including gluten and/or dairy free and vegetarian or vegan food choices.
 * Cater in accordance with the corporation wishes for time and style.
 * Set everything up for you and your guests’/clients’ convenience.
 * Serve if necessary specific items.
 * Can add any décor if requested to make the event special and memorable.
 * Remove everything when the event is over leaving you with nothing to clean up.

These form the basis for any company planning to provide a solid, reputable corporate catering service.

Don’t Eat Out. Hire a Company to Cater

Once you hire a catering company, you will not look back. This is the way to impress your guests, clients and employees. It is a way to capture the dietary imagination without feeling guilty or stressed out. When companies cater correctly, they meet the standards of any business. They are efficient, reputable and effective in their tasks and within budget.

For a successful meeting, lunch or other corporate event, you need to hire a company that specializes in corporate catering. Let Chicago Café Caterers remove any stress or doubts. Since 2003, they have made it their mission to Cater with excellence, efficiency and reliability. They serve up nothing but the highest quality, healthy and delectable delights. Backed by the superior support of their well-trained and professional staff, they can help you breeze through even the most demanding catered events. For more information about what they offer, contact them online at www.chicagocafecaterers.com. You can follow them on Twitter for further updates!

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