When the Noise Means Gas Furnace Repair in Kitsap County

If your furnace is too old, chances are high that you have likely experienced a range of noises over the years. This normally happens when the heating equipment nears the end of its lifespan. Advances in the heating technology, however, have seen the introduction of gas furnaces that operate very quietly. For those who are still using heating equipment that makes noises, it is important to be able to identify sounds coming from their furnace and to determine what they could indicate. This way, they will be able to know the right time to call in the provider of gas furnace repair Kitsap County.

Noises that a malfunctioned furnace makes

In most cases, noises indicate that there is something not working right with your equipment. When this happens, it is either time for repair or replacing your furnace. Here are different noises that a broken gas furnace makes:

Vibration and whining noises

These noises are a result of a loose motor mount. Call in a heating technician and have him inspect the unit and tighten up any loose parts.

Booming sounds

When it is cold, and your basement is not heated, the air ducts of the furnace tend to expand and contract making loud booming sounds. A gas furnace can also make these sounds if its burners are dirty. The best thing to do is to call in a technician to determine the cause of the problem and service the equipment. View site for complete details.

Screeching noises

In most cases, screeching sounds are an indication that the motor has a problem and especially if its bearing is worn out. The solution to this problem is to call in a heating expert to change the bearing.

Crackling sounds

This is normally not a problem because it often happens when the furnace shuts down, and the hot parts crackle as they cool down.

Popping and Pinging

These sounds occur when the air ducts expand and contract. It is therefore nothing to worry about.

If you are experiencing any of the above types of noise with your furnace and you think something could be wrong with the equipment, consider hiring heating experts from Quality Heating Electrical & AC. They offer a wide range of heating and cooling services including Gas Furnace Repair Kitsap County. For more information about their services, visit us


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