When Should You See the Dentist in San Bernardino?

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Dental Health

Knowing when to schedule an appointment with the dentist is crucial for protecting the health of the smile. Prompt dental treatment can stop the progression of cavities and prevent major damage from gum disease. Outside of normal preventative care appointments, patients need to know the warning signs that should prompt them to see the Dentist in San Bernardino. The sooner a patient sees the dentist, the less likely they will experience major issues with their smile.

These warning signs should prompt a person to seek treatment from the dentist:

• While tooth pain can sometimes occur with little reason, ongoing or severe tooth pain needs to be addressed by the Dentist in San Bernardino.

• When a tooth injury occurs, a patient needs to be seen right away. Minor injuries can progress, causing further damage if they are not properly treated by the dentist.

• Sores in the mouth should also be checked if they do not heal after a few days. Sores that are bleeding or become infected need to be addressed by the dentist to ensure they are not cancerous or infected.

• Changes to the coloration of a tooth should prompt a person to see their dentist. White and dark areas on a tooth can be signs of cavities. If the cavity is not taken care of promptly, it can lead to ongoing damage.

• Gum pain, redness, and swelling indicate there is a gum infection in place. When gum disease goes untreated, it can begin to cause loosening of the teeth. Gum disease can also affect the health of the heart.

• Problems with chewing could mean there are issues with the teeth or gums. When it becomes painful to bite down or chew, the dentist needs to be aware the patient’s bite has been compromised.

If any of these signs are occurring, it is time to see the dentist right away. For further information, Click Here and visit Smilebetterdentist.com. This site will offer you all the information you need, to better understand the available dental services they offer. Call the office today and inform them of your symptoms so you can be seen promptly.

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