When a Standard Pallet in Dallas Does Not Do the Job

A standard pallet in Dallas is perfect for stacking ordinary merchandise, moving flat inventory, and fitting into regular spaces. The average storage facility and warehouse are designed to accommodate the most common sizes and shapes of pallets. Square or rectangle ones can be lifted by a hand jack or forklift, and stacked one on top of the other, depending on the weight and height of the inventory. Lighter items can be stacked high and covered in shrink wrap to ensure they remain on the pallet. Heavier and larger items can be secured with straps that are placed between the slats and connected together. Most items can be stacked, moved, secured, and transported on standard pallets.

There are items; however, that may require a custom designed pallet in Dallas. A statue, for example, may be too fragile to secure in place with straps. In that case, a pallet with a lip or a half wall can be created to house the statue snugly as it is moved or shipped. An over-sized item will require a pallet or skid that extends past standard dimensions. Heavy machinery that has to be shipped by land, air, or sea can be easily moved on a reinforced pallet with wheels or casters. Pallets with separate compartments can be constructed to house individual parts or components of one machine. Sensitive medical diagnostic equipment, for example, may need to be broken down into pieces to maintain calibration, or protect electronic arms. Placing the pieces on the same pallet ensures it all arrives together, and can save on overall shipping costs. One specially built pallet will cost less to ship than several standard pallets.

Another situation where a standard pallet will not suffice is converted storage space. There are businesses that are housed in old factories, former homes, and modular units. Standard pallets will simply not fit the space. Elongated, corner, or narrow pallets can be custom made to accommodate the space. It is more cost-effective to have special pallets made than it is to relocate a business. Expert carpenters, such as those found at Crate Master in Dallas, for example, can design and build crates, pallets, and skids to suit any need. Take measurements, snap pictures of the items needing to be transported or stored, or call to discuss specific needs.

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