What You Should Know After a Commercial Truck Accident in Phoenix, AZ

Accidents involving 18-wheelers lead to severe injuries and catastrophic damage. As a result, investigations for these accidents are more extensive than other auto accident types. However, victims who sustain injuries or auto damage have the same right to seek compensation through a legal claim. Discussing your case with a truck accident law firm in Phoenix, AZ shows you what to expect when filing a legal claim.

Federal Regulations for Truck Drivers

The Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have strict laws and regulations that pertain to commercial drivers. After a commercial truck accident, investigators determine if the driver followed all regulations. For example, driving schedules require resting periods to prevent accidents. Exceeding the appropriate driving hours is a violation of federal law.

Violations could lead to liabilities for the driver or the trucking company. The accident report and findings must indicate if the driver committed these violations and if these unlawful acts caused the accident. An experienced truck accident law firm in Phoenix, AZ can help victims of commercial trucking accidents.

Determining Fault in the Accident

Investigation findings determine if there is an additional party who is liable. For example, a trucking company must manage all truck maintenance and service. Failing to maintain the trucks could lead to faulty parts, such as the braking system, and makes the trucking company liable. Likewise, a mechanic that installed defective parts or failed to follow protocols for repairing the trucks could be held accountable.

After a trucking accident, injured parties have the right to seek compensation through insurance claims or lawsuits. If the truck owner doesn’t provide coverage, the victim could start a legal claim and try to collect their financial losses through court. But, again, consulting with an attorney could provide more insight into what to do after a commercial trucking accident.

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