What You Should Know About Infertility in San Antonio TX

By definition, Infertility in San Antonio TX is the inability of a man or woman to reproduce. Most adults are able to reproduce during certain periods in their lives. Being infertile can happen to a person regardless of race, sexual orientation, social status, financial status, nationality, and gender. According the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 6% of married women between the ages of 15-44 years of age can’t have a child. This staggering statistic highlights the problem of infertility in the United States. Learn more about infertility by considering the following information.

Being infertile can happen at any point during person’s child-bearing years. Many doctors consider a woman infertile if she can’t get pregnant after a year of having unprotected sexual relations. For a woman to conceive, an egg from a woman’s ovaries must join with a man’s sperm during fertilization. This fertilized egg must travel through the Fallopian tubes and attach itself to the inside of the uterus. Any problem in this series of biological processes can result in a woman being unable to bear a child. Several other factors can cause infertility in women including diminished ovarian reserve, menopause, improper ovarian function, and premature ovarian insufficiency.

A man can become infertile if he leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive alcohol consumption, overeating, and heavy smoking can all contribute to a man being unable to have children. Medical conditions such as testicular failure, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis can render a man infertile as well. Toxins in the environment have been known to keep a man from having children.

In order for a man or women to be considered infertility in San Antonio TX, a thorough examination should be performed by a qualified doctor. After this, a person will have to decide whether to pursue treatment for infertility or choose another lifestyle. There are many viable treatments for infertility. A person can browse our website to find out what other people have said about the fertility treatments at this practice. The doctors and other health care professionals at this practice care about patients who are under their care.

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